Extended Family Season 1 Episode 7 The Consequences of Sleepovers Airs February 6 2024 on NBC

Get ready for a night filled with laughter and family dynamics as “Extended Family” returns with Season 1, Episode 7, titled “The Consequences of Sleepovers.” Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 8:30 PM, and tune in to NBC for an episode that promises to deliver relatable moments and heartwarming humor.

In this episode, Trey finds himself in charge of “The Nest” for the evening. However, when Grace, one of the family’s youngest members, requests to have a friend over for a sleepover, the dynamics quickly shift. Jim, portrayed by the talented ensemble, abandons his plans to help navigate the unpredictability of sleepovers.

Viewers can expect a delightful blend of humor and heart as the family deals with the comical and sometimes chaotic consequences of hosting a sleepover. From pillow fights to midnight snacks, the episode captures the essence of family bonding and the joy of unexpected moments.

“Extended Family” has resonated with audiences for its endearing portrayal of family life, and “The Consequences of Sleepovers” is sure to strike a chord with viewers of all ages. Join in on Tuesday at 8:30 PM on NBC for an episode that celebrates the beauty of family connections and the joy that comes with embracing life’s little surprises. It’s a heartwarming and hilarious journey you won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 8:30 PM Tuesday 6 February 2024 on NBC

Extended Family The Consequences of Sleepovers Cast – Season 1 Episode 7

Main Cast
Jon Cryer as Jim Kearney
Abigail Spencer as Julia Mariano
Donald Faison as Trey Schultz
Finn Sweeney as Jimmy Jr.
Sofia Capanna as Grace

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