FBI Season 6 Episode 5 Sacrifice Airs March 19 2024 on CBS

CBS brings the tension to new heights with Season 6 Episode 5 of “FBI,” titled “Sacrifice,” airing at 8:00 PM this Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Brace yourself for an intense ride as the team is thrust into action when the director of a Brooklyn migrant center is abducted, alongside his wife, turning their world upside down.

The stakes skyrocket as the team races against time to meet the kidnapper’s demands, unraveling a web of intrigue and danger. Viewers can expect a gripping narrative filled with twists and turns, showcasing the relentless determination of the FBI to bring justice to those in peril.

In a riveting subplot, Maggie seeks insights into the challenges of motherhood from Jessica, adding a layer of personal reflection amid the high-stakes investigation. Tune in at 8:00 PM on CBS for a night of suspense, emotion, and strategic brilliance in the latest episode of “FBI” Season 6.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 19 March 2024 on CBS

FBI Sacrifice Cast – Season 6 Episode 5

Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell
John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart Scola
Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom 'OA' Zidan
Alana De La Garza as Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille
Katherine Renee Kane as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace
Charlotte Sullivan as Special Agent Jessica Blake
Jeremy Sisto as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine
Christian Conn as Matthew Sawyer
Nick Gomez as Hector Ramirez
Taylor Anthony Miller as Analyst Kelly Moran
Vedette Lim as Analyst Elise Taylor
Natalie Smith as Mrs. Sawyer
Ashley Bryant as Cara Stanfield
Tatiana Ydalia as Emma 
Rose Decker as Ella Blake
Ronnie Castellano as Gael
Isabella Martinez as Maria Ramirez
Nate Richman as SWAT Leader Dan
Sean Weil as Linen Supply Owner
Eric Orman as Jared Gamble
Jacqueline Torres as Detective Mejia
Sean Phillips as Andrew Dodd
Quinn M. Johnson as James Dunn
Joel Armstead as Sniper
Michael Sontarp as Pedestrian
Main Cast
Missy Peregrym (Special Agent Maggie Bell)
Zeeko Zaki (Special Agent Omar Adom "OA" Zidan)
Jeremy Sisto (Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine)
Alana De La Garza (Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille)
John Boyd (Special Agent Stuart Scola)
Katherine Renee Turner (Special Agent Tiffany Wallace)

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