FBI True: Whitey Bulger: The Missing Mob Boss & Gangs of Newburgh Airs October 26 2023 on CBS

Prepare for a thrilling ride on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 10:00 PM when CBS brings you “FBI True.” In this exciting show, viewers will journey behind the scenes of real FBI operations, where actual agents share their firsthand accounts of some of the most perilous and infamous cases they’ve tackled.

After being tipped off by a corrupt FBI agent, notorious Boston mobster Whitey Bulger, eventually accused of 19 murders, went on the run in 1994. With hopes of bringing an end to the 15-year hunt for Bulger, the FBI’s Most Wanted fugitive at that time, the Bureau enlists the expertise of two hard-charging agents from outside of Boston, Tommy MacDonald (a retired FBI Special Agent who worked with the NYPD on the Joint Bank Robbery Task Force and Violent Crimes Squad in New York City) and Phil Torsney (a retired FBI agent who served on the SWAT team and worked on the Violent Crimes Squad in Cleveland before joining the city’s newly formed Fugitive Task Force). The agents sit down with Cindy Coppola to walk through their experience tracking down Bulger.

When gang warfare overwhelms the small town of Newburgh and makes it the most violent city in the state of New York, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent James Gagliano (who supervised SWAT operations, a mission in Afghanistan, was a member of the elite Hostage Rescue Team and spearheaded the FBI Hudson Valley Safe Streets Task Force in 2008) taps into the U.S. military surge strategy to hatch a plan that will dismantle the rival gangs in one day. Gagliano sits down with Kristy Kottis to discuss how his plan was essential in taking down some of the most dangerous rival gangs.

“FBI True” offers an exclusive peek into the high-stakes world of federal law enforcement. It’s a unique opportunity to hear true stories from the brave agents who risk their lives to protect the nation from criminals and terrorists.

This series is a fascinating exploration of the real-life challenges, investigations, and successes of FBI agents. There are no actors here – just the unvarnished truth of the agency’s most dangerous missions.

Tune in and be captivated by the tales of these dedicated agents as they recount their experiences in their pursuit of justice. “FBI True” promises an unfiltered look at the courageous work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, making for a riveting and educational watch.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Thursday 26 October 2023 on CBS

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