Final Moments Season 2 Episode 8 Myrtle Beach Mystery Airs November 26 2023 on Oxygen

This Sunday at 7:00 PM on Oxygen, viewers will be drawn into the mysterious narrative of Season 2 Episode 8 of “Final Moments” titled “Myrtle Beach Mystery.” The episode unfolds the compelling story of teenager Brittanee Drexel, lured by the allure of a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C., despite her mother’s opposition. However, the escapade takes a dark turn when Brittanee disappears from the beach town, plunging her family into a years-long journey to uncover the truth about her fate.

“Myrtle Beach Mystery” promises a riveting exploration of the events surrounding Brittanee’s vanishing act, peeling back layers of uncertainty and raising poignant questions about her final moments. For those fascinated by true crime and unsolved mysteries, this episode offers an immersive and suspenseful experience. Tune in at 7:00 PM for an Oxygen special that delves into the enigmatic final moments of Brittanee Drexel.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 PM Sunday 26 November 2023 on Oxygen

Final Moments Myrtle Beach Mystery Cast – Season 2 Episode 8

Main Cast

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