Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Season 10 Episode 6 Far and Away Airs February 6 2024 on PBS

Prepare for an enlightening and deeply personal journey as “Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” returns with Season 10, Episode 6, titled “Far and Away.” Set your calendars for Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 8:00 PM, and tune in to PBS for an episode that delves into the diverse ancestral histories of two remarkable individuals.

In this episode, journalist Sunny Hostin and actor Jesse Williams take center stage as they uncover the intriguing and often surprising origins of their family trees. Viewers will be captivated by the revelations as they learn that Hostin and Williams hail from very diverse places, showcasing the rich tapestry of their heritage.

“Finding Your Roots” has become known for its ability to unravel the hidden stories of celebrities and public figures, shedding light on the historical and cultural influences that have shaped their lives. In “Far and Away,” the show continues to provide a platform for individuals to connect with their past and gain a deeper understanding of their roots.

Join in on Tuesday at 8:00 PM on PBS to witness the emotional and enlightening journey of Sunny Hostin and Jesse Williams as they explore their ancestral backgrounds in “Far and Away.” It’s a testament to the power of genealogy in uncovering the threads that connect us to our past and our shared human history.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Tuesday 6 February 2024 on PBS

Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Far and Away Cast – Season 10 Episode 6

Main Cast
Henry Louis Gates

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