Firebuds Season 2 Episode 11 Annie Spokely; Ingrid on Ice Airs December 15 2023 on Disney

This Friday at 12:00 PM on Disney, young viewers can gear up for double the excitement with “Firebuds” Season 2, Episode 11, featuring “Annie Spokely; Ingrid on Ice.” In the first part of the episode, the Firebuds receive a rescue call that leads them to an old western town, where the team springs into action to save the day.

The animated adventure continues as the Firebuds lend their helping hands to a young ice cream truck in the second part. The challenge? Selling frozen treats on a chilly day. With their firefighting skills and teamwork, the Firebuds embark on a heartwarming mission to make sure everyone gets a taste of joy, even in the coldest weather.

For families seeking a blend of excitement, friendship, and valuable life lessons, “Firebuds” at 12:00 PM this Friday on Disney is the perfect choice. Join the Firebuds on their spirited escapades and enjoy the lively and uplifting stories that make the series a hit among young audiences.

Release Date & Time: 12:00 PM Friday 15 December 2023 on Disney

Firebuds Annie Spokely; Ingrid on Ice Cast – Season 2 Episode 11

Main Cast
Declan Whaley as Bo Bayani
Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Flash Fireson
Jecobi Swain as Jayden Jones
Caleb Paddock as Piston Porter
Vivian Vencer as Violet Vega-Vaughn
Lily Sanfelippo as Axl Ambrose
Lou Diamond Phillips as Chief Bill Bayani
Yvette Nicole Brown as Chief Faye Fireson
Kevin Michael Richardson as Floyd Fireson

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