Firing Line With Margaret Hoover Season 7 Episode 43 Airs April 19 2024 on PBS

In the upcoming episode of Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, airing on April 19, 2024, on PBS, viewers can expect an insightful discussion led by host Margaret Hoover. Constitutional scholar Melissa Murray joins the conversation to delve into the intricacies of Donald Trump’s first criminal trial in Manhattan and the political ramifications associated with trying a former president.

As the legal proceedings against Donald Trump unfold, Murray offers her expertise to analyze the case from a constitutional perspective. Viewers can anticipate a deep dive into the legal principles at play, including the implications for presidential accountability and the rule of law.

The conversation is expected to be thought-provoking and enlightening, providing viewers with valuable insights into the intersection of law, politics, and governance. With Murray’s expertise and Hoover’s adept hosting, the episode promises to shed light on the complexities of the legal system and its implications for American democracy.

Tune in at 8:30 PM on Friday, April 19th, on PBS to join Margaret Hoover for another enlightening episode of “Firing Line” and gain valuable insights into the issues shaping our world.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 PM Friday 19 April 2024 on PBS

Firing Line With Margaret Hoover Cast – Season 7 Episode 43

Main Cast

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