Firing Line With Margaret Hoover Season 7 Episode 49 Airs May 31 2024 on PBS

Don’t miss the thought-provoking episode of “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover” airing on May 31, 2024, on PBS. In this installment, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt joins Margaret Hoover to discuss his groundbreaking new book, “The Anxious Generation.” Delving into the complexities of Gen Z’s mental health crisis, Haidt explores the impact of social media and phone-based parenting on today’s youth.

With insights drawn from extensive research and analysis, Haidt sheds light on the factors contributing to the rise of anxiety and stress among young people. Through compelling conversation and critical examination, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the next generation in an increasingly digital age.

Join Margaret Hoover and Jonathan Haidt for an enlightening discussion that promises to spark conversation and inspire reflection on the ways in which society shapes the mental well-being of its youngest members. Tune in to PBS on May 31st for an episode of “Firing Line” that offers valuable insights into the pressing issues of our time.

Release Date & Time: 8:30 PM Friday 31 May 2024 on PBS

Firing Line With Margaret Hoover Cast – Season 7 Episode 49

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