Football Cops Season 1 Episode 3 Airs June 17 2024 on Channel 4

Get ready for an intense and eye-opening episode of “Football Cops” as the show delves into the world of football fan policing. Season 1 Episode 3, airing at 10:00 PM on Monday, 17 June 2024, on Channel 4, follows England’s dedicated football cops as they accompany fans on their travels abroad. This episode takes viewers to two contrasting destinations: Germany and Italy.

In Germany, the atmosphere is festive as England fans soak up the sunshine and savor the local beer. The football cops work diligently to ensure that the celebratory mood remains peaceful and that fans enjoy the match without incident. The scenes capture the camaraderie and excitement of traveling supporters, highlighting the positive aspects of fan culture.

However, the tone shifts dramatically as the action moves to Italy. Here, the football cops face a tougher challenge as they contend with robust policing tactics that leave many England fans in distress. The episode provides a stark look at the complexities and tensions that can arise during international fixtures. Viewers will witness the football cops in action, providing crucial support to fans and navigating the delicate balance between maintaining order and ensuring fans’ safety.

This episode of “Football Cops” offers a compelling glimpse into the realities of policing football fans abroad, showcasing both the joyous and challenging aspects of the job. Don’t miss this engaging and thought-provoking installment that sheds light on the important work of the football cops.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Monday 17 June 2024 on Channel 4

Football Cops Cast – Season 1 Episode 3

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