For My Man Season 7 Episode 4 Demented Deception Airs January 29 2024 on TV One

Step into the intense drama of love, loss, and desperate choices in the upcoming episode of “For My Man” Season 7, titled “Demented Deception,” airing at 10:00 PM on January 29, 2024, on TV One. This gripping narrative revolves around a young couple, deeply in love and envisioning a shared future. However, tragedy strikes with a heart-wrenching miscarriage, setting the stage for a series of events that will test the limits of their relationship.

As the cracks in their once-perfect union widen, the woman finds herself at a crossroads, grappling with the profound pain of loss and the desperate desire to construct the ideal family she had always dreamed of. “Demented Deception” promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, exploring the lengths one woman is willing to go to reshape her destiny and reclaim the happiness that fate has seemingly stolen from her. Tune in for a night of compelling storytelling that delves into the complexities of love and the choices it compels us to make.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Monday 29 January 2024 on TV One

For My Man Demented Deception Cast – Season 7 Episode 4

Main Cast

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