Found Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot Airs October 3 2023 on NBC

On Tuesday, 3rd October 2023, at 10:00 PM on NBC, the new series “Found” will make its debut with its pilot episode. The show revolves around Gabi Mosely, a crisis management specialist, and her team, who specialize in locating missing persons that authorities have struggled to find.

In this inaugural episode, the team takes on the case of Camilla, a 14-year-old girl in foster care who has gone missing. What initially appears to be a straightforward search becomes increasingly complex as the team delves deeper into the investigation.

“Found” promises to be a gripping and emotionally charged series that sheds light on the challenging and often heart-wrenching work of locating missing individuals. Viewers can expect a combination of suspense, teamwork, and determination as Gabi and her team navigate the intricacies of each case.

The show’s focus on finding missing persons adds a unique dimension to the crime-solving genre and offers a fresh perspective on the efforts made to reunite families. With its intriguing premise, “Found” is set to captivate audiences seeking both mystery and empathy.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Tuesday 3 October 2023 on NBC

Found Pilot Cast – Season 1 Episode 1

Main Cast
Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely
Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir
Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed
Brett Dalton as Mark Trent
Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey Quinn
Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke Wallace
Karan Oberoi as Dhan Rana
Ethan McDowell as Senator Holden
Bill Kelly as Tony Mallory
Azaria Carter as Teen Gabi 
Trayce Malachi as Deron
Alicia Cuthbertson as Detective
Carson Blyskal as David Holden
Chloé Flowers as Camilla 
Patrice Fisher as Rosario Mendez
Anisa Nyell Johnson as Detective Shaker
Megan Hayes as Paula Chapman
Rachel Lamb as Dailiah
Pierce Lackey as Charles Chapman
Jasmine Washington as Bella
Tyler Merritt as Larry Evans
Melody Williams as Grace Evans
Kristen Wharton as Emily Holden
Charlotte Ann Tucker as Sarah Holden
Archith Seshadri as Reporter #2
Scott Andersen as Pedestrian 
Lauren Marie Gordon as Police Officer
Nathan W. Collins as SWAT Team
Kevin Kedgley as Reporter
Kevin Howell as Police Officer 
Kim Rosen as Bus Station
Monroe Pfiefer as Police Officer
Shanita Wilburn as Journalist
Zachary Santana as Cameraman 

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