Frontline Season 41 Episode 17: Putin vs. the Press Airs September 26 2023 on PBS

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at 10:00 PM, PBS will air Season 41, Episode 17 of “Frontline” titled “Putin vs. the Press.”

In this episode, “Frontline” tells the story of Dmitry Muratov, a Nobel prize-winner who has been at the forefront of defending free speech in Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. The episode delves into Muratov’s ongoing battle to protect the principles of free expression and journalism in a country where press freedom has faced significant challenges.

Viewers can expect to gain insight into the struggles and efforts of Muratov as he navigates the complexities of Russian politics and media. The episode sheds light on the broader context of the relationship between the Russian government and the press.

For those interested in global politics, journalism, and the challenges faced by journalists working in restrictive environments, “Putin vs. the Press” offers an opportunity to learn about the ongoing battle for free speech in Russia. Tune in on Tuesday night at 10:00 PM on PBS to watch this episode and gain a deeper understanding of this important issue.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Tuesday 26 September 2023 on PBS

Frontline Putin vs. the Press Cast – Season 41 Episode 17

Main Cast
Martin Smith
Will Lyman

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