Fully Torqued Season 3 Episode 4: Mopar Power Airs September 30 2023 on History

On Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at 11:30 AM on the History Channel, viewers can catch Season 3, Episode 4 of “Fully Torqued” titled “Mopar Power.” In this episode, host Steve is eager to indulge in some fast and furious-style burnouts in a 1971 Challenger.

The episode also features a Dodge Dart that needs fixing, and it seems to catch Steve’s attention. Bird, another member of the team, apparently approves of this project.

Additionally, the show welcomes a special guest, April Rose, co-host of Barret Jackson. She joins Steve to explore a unique car collection, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of rare and exceptional automobiles.

While specific details about the burnouts, Dart restoration, and the car collection are not provided, “Mopar Power” promises to be an episode filled with automotive excitement and exploration.

For those interested in cars and automotive adventures, don’t miss “Fully Torqued” on Saturday morning at 11:30 AM on the History Channel.

Release Date & Time: 11:30 AM Saturday 30 September 2023 on History

Fully Torqued Mopar Power Cast – Season 3 Episode 4

Main Cast
Steve Pazmany

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