Genius: MLK/X Season 4 Episode 6 The American Promise Airs February 15 2024 on National Geographic

Get ready for a riveting episode of “Genius: MLK/X” as Season 4 Episode 6, titled “The American Promise,” airs on National Geographic at 10:09 PM on Thursday, February 15, 2024. In this pivotal installment, viewers are transported back to the monumental events of 1963 that shaped the lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the March on Washington and the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, both men find themselves at a crossroads. Martin emerges as the moral leader of the civil rights movement, leading with unwavering resolve and determination. Meanwhile, Malcolm faces turmoil within the Nation of Islam, ultimately leading to his suspension from the organization.

Join the journey as “Genius: MLK/X” delves into the profound impact of these historic events on the lives and legacies of two iconic figures. Don’t miss “The American Promise” as it offers insight into the struggles and triumphs of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X during this pivotal moment in history. Tune in for an evening of education and enlightenment on National Geographic.

Release Date & Time: 10:09 PM Thursday 15 February 2024 on National Geographic

Genius: MLK/X The American Promise Cast – Season 4 Episode 6

Main Cast
Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Martin Luther King Jr.
Jalyn Hall as young Martin Luther King Jr.
Aaron Pierre as Malcolm X
Weruche Opia as Coretta Scott King
Jayme Lawson as Betty Shabazz
Ron Cephas Jones as Elijah Muhammad
Gary Carr as Clyde X
Hubert Point-Du Jour as Ralph Abernathy
Lennie James as Martin Luther King Sr.
LisaGay Hamilton as Alberta Williams King
Ashley Romans as Ella Mae
Donal Logue as Strom Thurmond
Griffin Matthews as Bayard Rustin

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