George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing Episode 11 THE TRIP WINNER: Islamorada, Florida Keys! Airs February 25 2024 on Discovery

Get ready for an exciting fishing adventure on the upcoming episode of “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing”! In Episode 11, titled “THE TRIP WINNER: Islamorada, Florida Keys!”, viewers will join host George Poveromo and Samantha Dominis as they embark on a thrilling fishing excursion off the shores of Islamorada.

As they navigate the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys, George and Samantha will showcase their angling skills and share their expertise on saltwater fishing techniques. From reeling in trophy-worthy catches to exploring the diverse marine life that inhabits these waters, this episode promises to be filled with action-packed moments and stunning scenery.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just a fan of outdoor adventures, “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing” offers something for everyone. Tune in at 8:00 AM this Sunday, February 25, 2024, on Discovery, and join George and Samantha for an unforgettable fishing experience in Islamorada!

Release Date & Time: 8:00 AM Sunday 25 February 2024 on Discovery

George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing THE TRIP WINNER: Islamorada, Florida Keys! Cast – Episode 11

Main Cast
George Poveromo

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