Ghosts Season 3 Episode 9 The Traveling Agent Airs April 25 2024 on CBS

Get ready for a heartwarming and hilarious episode of “Ghosts” as Season 3 Episode 9, titled “The Traveling Agent,” airs this Thursday at 8:31 PM on CBS. In this installment, viewers will witness Pete uncovering a surprising new ability that strengthens his bond with his friend Jay.

As Pete navigates the discovery of this newfound power, the dynamic between him and Jay takes a delightful turn, bringing them closer together in unexpected ways. With laughter, friendship, and a touch of the supernatural, this episode promises to be a delightful treat for fans of the show.

Expect plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments as the quirky cast of characters embark on another misadventure in the haunted house they call home. “The Traveling Agent” is sure to leave audiences smiling and eagerly anticipating what’s next for Pete and Jay.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Tune in to CBS at 8:31 PM this Thursday, April 25th, for an unforgettable episode of “Ghosts.”

Release Date & Time: 8:31 PM Thursday 25 April 2024 on CBS

Ghosts The Traveling Agent Cast – Season 3 Episode 9

Rose McIver as Samantha
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay Arondekar
Danielle Pinnock as Alberta Haynes
Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac Higgintoot
Asher Grodman as Trevor
Richie Moriarty as Pete Martino
Sheila Carrasco as Flower
Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty Woodstone
Román Zaragoza as Sasappis
Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn
John Hartman as Nigel Chessum
Betsy Sodaro as Nancy
Adrian Martinez as Mike
Irene White as Gloria
Marc-André Boulanger as Butcher Ghost
Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Customer #1
Mat Brunet as Funyo 1
Shalom Campbell as Funyo 2
Main Cast
Rose McIver (Samantha)
Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay)
Brandon Scott Jones (Isaac)
Richie Moriarty (Pete)
Danielle Pinnock (Alberta)
Asher Grodman (Trevor)
Román Zaragoza (Sasappis)
Sheila Carrasco (Flower)
Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty)
Devan Chandler Long (Thorfinn)

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