Ghosts UK Season 2 Episode 2 About Last Night Airs December 7 2023 on CBS

In the uproarious world of “Ghosts UK,” buckle up for another night of chaos and laughter in the upcoming Season 2 Episode 2, titled “About Last Night,” scheduled to air at 9:30 PM on Thursday, December 7, 2023, on CBS. Alison and Mike, the resilient couple navigating life with their ghostly roommates at Button House, find themselves in a tight spot after a wild night of revelry leaves the house in disarray.

As the duo races against the clock to clean up the aftermath of the party, viewers can expect a blend of humor and frantic cleaning antics. Adding to the mayhem, the house is slated for a venue viewing, intensifying the time crunch. To make matters more intriguing, Alison takes on the role of an amateur ghost investigator, delving into the peculiar behavior of the supernatural residents. Get ready for another installment of supernatural hilarity and domestic pandemonium in “Ghosts UK.”

Release Date & Time: 9:30 PM Thursday 7 December 2023 on CBS

Ghosts UK About Last Night Cast – Season 2 Episode 2

Main Cast
Charlotte Ritchie
Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Martha Howe-Douglas
Mathew Baynton
Simon Farnaby
Lolly Adefope
Laurence Rickard
Ben Willbond
Katy Wix
Jim Howick
Yani Xander

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