Ghosts UK Season 2 Episode 4 The Thomas Thorne Affair Airs December 14 2023 on CBS

Prepare for a trip down memory lane with a ghostly twist in the upcoming episode of “Ghosts UK.” In Season 2, Episode 4, titled “The Thomas Thorne Affair,” airing Thursday at 9:30 PM on CBS, a surprising discovery in the haunted Button House prompts Thomas to revisit his past. However, as Alison soon realizes, navigating the blurred lines between memory and reality becomes trickier when spectral witnesses have their own versions of events.

The episode promises a delightful blend of nostalgia, humor, and spectral shenanigans as Thomas grapples with the ghosts of his past, both figuratively and literally. Viewers can expect a unique take on memory and storytelling, infused with the signature comedic charm that defines “Ghosts UK.”

Don’t miss out on the hilarious escapades and unearthed secrets in “The Thomas Thorne Affair.” Tune in for a night of laughter and ghostly revelations as the Button House residents navigate the peculiar intersection of the past and the afterlife.

Release Date & Time: 9:30 PM Thursday 14 December 2023 on CBS

Ghosts UK The Thomas Thorne Affair Cast – Season 2 Episode 4

Main Cast
Charlotte Ritchie
Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Martha Howe-Douglas
Mathew Baynton
Simon Farnaby
Lolly Adefope
Laurence Rickard
Ben Willbond
Katy Wix
Jim Howick
Yani Xander

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