Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 28: Parker Tells All Airs September 15 2023 on Discovery

On Friday, September 15, 2023, at 9:01 PM, Discovery Channel is set to air a special episode of “Gold Rush” titled “Parker Tells All.” This episode promises to provide viewers with unique insights into the remarkable journey of Parker Schnabel, the mining prodigy who started his mining career at the age of 15 and eventually amassed a fortune of $100 million in gold.

During “Parker Tells All,” audiences will gain a deeper understanding of Parker’s rise to success, including the challenges he faced and overcame. This episode is not just about gold mining but also delves into the personal aspects of Parker’s life, highlighting his battles with his own demons and sharing never-before-seen moments with his beloved Grandpa John.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Friday 15 September 2023 on Discovery

Gold Rush Parker Tells All Cast – Season 13 Episode 28

Main Cast
Parker Schnabel
Rick Ness
Roger Schnabel
Fred Dodge
Tony Beets
Chris Doumitt

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