Gold Rush Season 14 Episode 13 Parker Comes Alive Airs December 22 2023 on Discovery

This Friday at 8:00 PM on Discovery, “Gold Rush” unfolds Season 14 Episode 13 with the intriguing title “Parker Comes Alive.” The episode promises high stakes and riveting drama as Parker Schnabel gains momentum at Dominion Creek, setting the stage for potential success. However, a mysterious gold loss looms, threatening to derail his progress and add an element of suspense to the narrative.

Meanwhile, Tony Beets makes a strategic move, relocating everyone back to Paradise Hill. Tensions within the crew reach a boiling point, introducing an element of human drama to the mining venture. In a bold move, Rick Ness takes a chance on a mechanic with no prior experience in a gold mine, adding an unpredictable twist to the team dynamics.

For fans of the gold mining saga and those intrigued by the highs and lows of the mining business, “Gold Rush: Parker Comes Alive” at 8:00 PM on Friday is a must-watch. Tune in to Discovery for an evening of adrenaline-pumping moments and the relentless pursuit of golden dreams.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Friday 22 December 2023 on Discovery

Gold Rush Parker Comes Alive Cast – Season 14 Episode 13

Main Cast
Parker Schnabel
Rick Ness
Roger Schnabel
Fred Dodge
Tony Beets
Chris Doumitt

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