Great Coastal Railway Journeys Season 3 Episode 12 Folkestone to Le Touquet Airs April 23 2024 on BBC Two

Embark on an extraordinary railway adventure with Michael Portillo in the latest episode of “Great Coastal Railway Journeys,” airing this Tuesday at 6:30 PM on BBC Two. In this captivating installment, Portillo ventures through the longest undersea tunnel in the world aboard the Eurotunnel shuttle rail service from Folkestone to Calais, France.

As he traverses the Channel Tunnel, viewers will be treated to breathtaking views of the English Channel and the French coastline, all from the comfort of their living rooms. Along the way, Portillo shares fascinating insights into the history and engineering marvels behind this iconic transportation link between Britain and mainland Europe.

From Folkestone to Le Touquet, this railway journey promises to be a feast for the senses, as Portillo explores the picturesque landscapes and vibrant communities that dot the coastal regions of both England and France.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable travel experience with “Great Coastal Railway Journeys,” airing this Tuesday at 6:30 PM on BBC Two. It’s a voyage you won’t want to miss!

Release Date & Time: 6:30 PM Tuesday 23 April 2024 on BBC Two

Great Coastal Railway Journeys Folkestone to Le Touquet Cast – Season 3 Episode 12

Main Cast
Michael Portillo

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