Guy’s Grocery Games Season 36 Episode 8 Best Burgers Airs April 10 2024 on Food Network

Get ready for a sizzling showdown in the aisles of Flavortown Market with “Guy’s Grocery Games: Best Burgers,” airing Wednesday at 9:00 PM on Food Network. Hosted by the legendary Guy Fieri, this exhilarating cooking competition pits talented chefs against each other in a quest to create the ultimate burger masterpiece.

In this episode, chefs will dash through the aisles of Flavortown Market, facing real-world challenges and racing against the clock to gather the freshest ingredients and unique flavors to elevate their burger creations to new heights. From savory patties to mouthwatering toppings and secret sauces, the culinary creativity is boundless as they strive to impress the judges and claim the title of burger champion.

With high-stakes competition and serious dough on the line, the tension is palpable as each chef vies to be the last one standing. Don’t miss the excitement and culinary magic unfold in “Guy’s Grocery Games: Best Burgers,” airing Wednesday at 9:00 PM only on Food Network.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Wednesday 10 April 2024 on Food Network

Guy’s Grocery Games Best Burgers Cast – Season 36 Episode 8

Main Cast
Guy Fieri

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