Halloween Baking Championship Do-nut Ride This Carousel, Part 1 Airs October 30 2023 on Food Network

On Monday, October 30, 2023, at 2:00 PM on Food Network, “Halloween Baking Championship” returns with Season 9, presenting an episode titled “Do-nut Ride This Carousel, Part 1.” In this thrilling Halloween-themed competition, the bakers face a series of spine-chilling challenges.

First up, host John Henson challenges the bakers to create bloody-filled doughnuts, commemorating a rather unfortunate accident. These blood-curdling treats must capture the essence of the season’s spooky spirit.

Following that, the competitors dive into another hair-raising task. They are tasked with mixing both joy and doom as they craft a nightmarish carousel, one of the creepiest ever. The carousel design must incorporate elements that bring out the Halloween vibes and set a chilling scene.

For fans of baking and Halloween, this episode promises to be a delectable blend of eerie and sweet. It’s a chance to witness the talented bakers conjure up terrifyingly delicious creations in a spine-tingling atmosphere. With “Halloween Baking Championship,” it’s all treats, no tricks, and the excitement is bound to be as sweet as the treats they bake.

Release Date & Time: 2:00 PM Monday 30 October 2023 on Food Network

Halloween Baking Championship Do-nut Ride This Carousel, Part 1 Cast – Season 9

Main Cast

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