Hanni and the Wild Woods Season 1 Episode 44 Secret Acorn Exchange Airs November 18 2023 on DFC

This Saturday at 8:15 AM on DFC, don’t miss Season 1 Episode 44 of “Hanni and the Wild Woods” titled “Secret Acorn Exchange.” In this installment, the Forest Friends embark on an adventure that not only entertains but also encourages young viewers to connect with nature.

The episode aligns with the show’s overarching theme, where the Forest Friends serve as inspiration for children to explore the outdoors, have fun, and develop an appreciation for the beauty of nature. “Hanni and the Wild Woods” continues its mission of fostering a positive and educational relationship between children and the natural world. Tune in for an episode that combines entertainment with an emphasis on the wonders of nature, providing a delightful and informative experience for young audiences this Saturday morning on DFC.

Release Date & Time: 8:15 AM Saturday 18 November 2023 on DFC

Hanni and the Wild Woods Secret Acorn Exchange Cast – Season 1 Episode 44

Main Cast

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