Help! We Bought a Village Season 2 Episode 12: Airs October 31 2023 on Channel 4

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 6:00 PM, Channel 4 will air Season 2, Episode 12 of “Help! We Bought a Village.” This TV program follows the adventures of people who have purchased and are renovating properties in picturesque rural locations.

In this episode, viewers can expect to witness some challenges at a quinta in Portugal. The property requires a rewiring job and extensive plumbing work to address issues. The episode will likely showcase the ups and downs of property renovation and the determination of the new owners to make their dream village home a reality.

Additionally, the program takes the audience to a village in Italy, where a surprising discovery is made. A letter from the Second World War is found, unraveling a piece of history that has been hidden for decades.

“Help! We Bought a Village” offers an interesting look at the renovation and restoration of properties in beautiful locations. The October 31, 2023 episode is sure to provide viewers with an engaging and educational experience as they witness the journeys of property owners in Portugal and Italy.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Tuesday 31 October 2023 on Channel 4

Help! We Bought a Village Cast – Season 2 Episode 12

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