Hidden Frontiers With Reza Pakravan Season 1 Episode 6: The Tear — Part 2 Airs September 24 2023 on Discovery

This Sunday at 7:30 AM on September 24, 2023, tune in to Discovery for the next episode of “Hidden Frontiers With Reza Pakravan.” In Season 1, Episode 6 titled “The Tear – Part 2,” Reza Pakravan continues his exploration journey. He is on a mission to find clues about ancient civilizations in an unexplored canyon in Saudi Arabia.

During this episode, viewers will watch Reza as he ventures deep into the uncharted canyon, seeking evidence of civilizations lost in the sands of time. With unwavering determination, he explores this mysterious and remote location in search of any signs or hints that can shed light on the past.

This installment of “Hidden Frontiers” promises to be an intriguing and educational experience as Reza Pakravan delves into the unknown, sharing his discoveries with the audience. Don’t forget to set your alarms and join Reza on his quest for hidden history this Sunday morning at 7:30 AM, only on Discovery.

Release Date & Time: 7:30 AM Sunday 24 September 2023 on Discovery

Hidden Frontiers With Reza Pakravan The Tear — Part 2 Cast – Season 1 Episode 6

Main Cast
Reza Pakravan

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