Hoarders Season 15 Episode 1 Terri Airs January 8 2024 on A&E

This Monday at 8:00 PM on A&E, “Hoarders” kicks off its 15th season with a powerful episode titled “Terri.” Viewers are in for an emotionally charged exploration of the life of Terri, a practiced midwife who, despite being on call 24/7, struggles with a hidden personal life and a home buried under layers of hoarding.

As the episode unfolds, audiences will witness Terri’s attempts to conceal the depths of her hoarded home behind her demanding profession. Blaming her busy schedule for the chaos, the truth begins to surface as past traumas come to light, revealing the real reasons behind her disorder.

“Hoarders” continues its tradition of shedding light on the human stories behind compulsive hoarding, showcasing the challenges individuals like Terri face. Tune in on A&E at 8:00 PM this Monday for a gripping episode that unravels the layers of Terri’s life, offering insight into the complexities of hoarding and the journey towards recovery.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Monday 8 January 2024 on A&E

Hoarders Terri Cast – Season 15 Episode 1

Main Cast

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