Homestead Rescue Season 11 Episode 1 Where the Wild Wind Blows Airs November 19 2023 on Discovery

In the upcoming episode of “Homestead Rescue” Season 11, titled “Where the Wild Wind Blows,” airing at 8:00 PM on Sunday, 19th November 2023, on Discovery, a Colorado war veteran’s family and their stable of horses face devastation from hurricane-force winds, rendering subsistence nearly impossible. The Raneys, upon learning of the family’s larger dream, go above and beyond with some of their most creative builds yet.

The program documents the challenges faced by the war veteran’s family and the innovative solutions employed by the Raneys to address the aftermath of the wild wind. Tune in to Discovery at 8:00 PM for a portrayal of the resilience and resourcefulness displayed in “Where the Wild Wind Blows,” the premiere episode of “Homestead Rescue” Season 11.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Sunday 19 November 2023 on Discovery

Homestead Rescue Where the Wild Wind Blows Cast – Season 11 Episode 1

Main Cast
Marty Raney
Misty Raney
Matt Raney

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