Homestead Rescue Season 11 Episode 8 Land of Fire and Ice Airs January 14 2024 on Discovery

Prepare for a heart-pounding journey as “Homestead Rescue” ventures into the rugged landscapes of interior Alaska in Season 11 Episode 8, titled “Land of Fire and Ice.” Airing at 8:00 PM on Sunday, January 14, 2024, on Discovery, this episode unravels the challenges faced by a recently divorced single mother who finds herself ill-prepared for the harsh Alaskan winter.

The stakes are high as the Raneys tackle the complexities of surviving late summer wildfires and confront the unforgiving elements of the Alaskan wilderness. With only 22 hours of daylight to navigate, the rescue team battles the still-frozen ground to secure essential water and food stores vital for winter survival.

Viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the Raneys lend their expertise to help this determined single mother face the dual challenges of fire and ice in the Alaskan wilderness. Don’t miss this gripping episode that captures the resilience of the human spirit against the formidable forces of nature on “Homestead Rescue.”

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Sunday 14 January 2024 on Discovery

Homestead Rescue Land of Fire and Ice Cast – Season 11 Episode 8

Main Cast
Marty Raney
Misty Raney
Matt Raney

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