Hope in the Wild Season 6 Episode 10 Bringing Up Baby Beaver Airs January 27 2024 on CBS

This Saturday at 8:30 AM on CBS, animal lovers are in for a heartwarming episode of “Hope in the Wild.” In Season 6 Episode 10, titled “Bringing Up Baby Beaver,” viewers join Hope as she opens her home and heart to an orphaned baby beaver in need of care and nurturing.

The episode promises touching moments as Hope tends to the baby beaver, providing it with the love and support necessary for its well-being. As the adorable creature becomes part of Hope’s extended family, audiences can expect to witness the transformative power of compassion in the world of wildlife rehabilitation.

Additionally, the episode features the journey of three flying squirrels ready to spread their wings and take flight back to the forest. “Hope in the Wild” continues to inspire with its tales of resilience and hope, showcasing the incredible bond between humans and the animal kingdom. Tune in at 8:30 AM this Saturday on CBS for a delightful and uplifting experience with “Bringing Up Baby Beaver.”

Release Date & Time: 8:30 AM Saturday 27 January 2024 on CBS

Hope in the Wild Bringing Up Baby Beaver Cast – Season 6 Episode 10

Main Cast
Hope Swinimer

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