Hot Bench Season 10 Episode 117 Too Hot to Handle Airs April 3 2024 on CBS

In Season 10 Episode 117 of “Hot Bench,” airing at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, on CBS, viewers are in for a compelling legal drama that hits close to home. Titled “Too Hot to Handle,” the episode follows the case of a protective mother who takes legal action against a salon owner for emotional distress.

The mother alleges that her teenage daughter suffered second-degree burns at the salon, resulting in an unsightly welt on her neck just in time for picture day at school. The incident not only caused physical harm but also deeply affected the daughter’s confidence and self-esteem.

As the case unfolds on “Hot Bench,” viewers will witness intense courtroom proceedings and hear testimony from both sides as they seek justice and resolution. The judges presiding over the case will carefully weigh the evidence and arguments presented, ultimately delivering a verdict that could have far-reaching implications.

Tune in to CBS at 4:00 PM for Season 10 Episode 117 of “Hot Bench” for a gripping legal showdown that explores issues of responsibility, accountability, and the consequences of negligence. It’s an episode that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Release Date & Time: 4:00 PM Wednesday 3 April 2024 on CBS

Hot Bench Too Hot to Handle Cast – Season 10 Episode 117

Main Cast
Michael Corriero
Rachel Juarez
Yodit Tewolde

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