House Hunters International Season 188 Episode 4: Love, Bikes, and Sneakers in Utrecht, Netherlands Airs October 3 2023 on HGTV

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 10:30 PM, HGTV brings you another exciting episode of “House Hunters International,” specifically Season 188 Episode 4. In this popular spin-off of the beloved series “House Hunters,” viewers are taken on a globetrotting adventure as home hunters, along with their realtors, explore various architectural styles and navigate the unique challenges of buying real estate in different countries.

This episode is set in Utrecht, Netherlands, a city known for its picturesque canals and historic charm. As always, viewers can expect to see a diverse range of properties, from traditional houses to modern apartments, and witness the decision-making process of the homebuyers.

“House Hunters International” offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of international real estate and the cultural nuances that come with it. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or simply curious about life abroad, this show provides an intriguing look at how people from different backgrounds find their dream homes around the world.

Tune in on October 3rd to join the journey of these house hunters in Utrecht, Netherlands, as they make one of life’s most important decisions – finding the perfect place to call home.

Release Date & Time: 10:30 PM Tuesday 3 October 2023 on HGTV

House Hunters International Love, Bikes, and Sneakers in Utrecht, Netherlands Cast – Season 188 Episode 4

Main Cast
Andromeda Dunker
Suzanne Whang
Christine Dickert
James Hughes
Court Dickert
Mark Fritz
Cody Stockton
John Labriola
Dan Anton
Florencia Cocachi Labriola

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