House Hunters International Season 189 Episode 4 An Unexpected Family Move to Greater Melbourne Airs November 14 2023 on HGTV

On November 14, 2023, at 10:31 PM, HGTV will air a brand new episode of “House Hunters International,” and this time, viewers will be taken on a unique journey to Greater Melbourne, Australia. In the episode titled “An Unexpected Family Move to Greater Melbourne,” a family from Wisconsin faces an exciting yet daunting adventure.

A job opportunity has beckoned this family to take a leap of faith and relocate to the other side of the world, Greater Melbourne, Australia. What makes their story intriguing is that they’re making this life-changing move without having seen their new home beforehand. The unknown awaits them as they embark on a journey to a continent they’ve never explored.

The episode will highlight the challenges and excitement of finding a suitable home in a place where the vacancy rate is incredibly low. The family’s quest to find the perfect dwelling is sure to be an adventure in itself.

For those who love international real estate journeys and the thrill of exploring new horizons, “House Hunters International” promises an episode that captures the essence of life-altering decisions. Tune in to HGTV on November 14th at 10:31 PM to witness this unexpected family move to Greater Melbourne.

Release Date & Time: 10:31 PM Tuesday 14 November 2023 on HGTV

House Hunters International An Unexpected Family Move to Greater Melbourne Cast – Season 189 Episode 4

Main Cast
Andromeda Dunker
Suzanne Whang
Christine Dickert
James Hughes
Court Dickert
Mark Fritz
Cody Stockton
John Labriola
Dan Anton
Florencia Cocachi Labriola

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