House Hunters Season 239 Episode 7: From Boston to New Hampshire Airs October 1 2023 on HGTV

This Sunday, on October 1, 2023, at 10:01 PM, HGTV will air a new episode of the long-running series “House Hunters.” In this episode, viewers will follow the journey of a Boston newlywed couple who are embarking on a life-changing adventure to start a family in New Hampshire.

The couple’s aspirations for their new home differ slightly. While the husband has his heart set on a secluded modern cabin nestled in the woods, the wife has a different vision in mind. She’s searching for a house that exudes charm and character, with the added desire of being close to neighbors.

As they navigate the real estate market and explore various properties, tension may arise as they strive to find a compromise between their differing preferences.

“House Hunters” continues to captivate audiences with its exploration of diverse homebuyers and their unique house-hunting journeys. This episode promises to be an engaging look into the couple’s quest to find their ideal home in New Hampshire.

Don’t miss this episode of “House Hunters” on HGTV this Sunday, and witness the challenges and choices faced by this Boston couple as they search for their dream home in the picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire.

Release Date & Time: 10:01 PM Sunday 1 October 2023 on HGTV

House Hunters From Boston to New Hampshire Cast – Season 239 Episode 7

Main Cast
Suzanne Whang
Colette Whitaker
Andromeda Dunker

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