House Hunters Setting Sights on the Smoky Mountains Airs February 14 2024 on HGTV

Attention all homebuyers and cabin enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting new episode of “House Hunters” titled “Setting Sights on the Smoky Mountains,” airing on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at 10:01 PM on HGTV.

In this episode, viewers will follow along as an ambitious entrepreneur sets her sights on leaving the hustle and bustle of Nashville behind in favor of finding her dream cabin in the serene beauty of the Smoky Mountains. With her heart set on breathtaking views, she’s determined to find the perfect retreat to escape the city life.

However, there’s a twist in this house hunt adventure as her friend joins her on the search. While the entrepreneur prioritizes finding a cabin with expansive views, her friend is more focused on practical considerations like price and the number of potential renovation projects.

Will they be able to find a cabin that meets both their needs and desires? Join them on their journey as they explore stunning properties and navigate the challenges of finding the perfect mountain retreat.

Don’t miss “House Hunters: Setting Sights on the Smoky Mountains” on HGTV at 10:01 PM this Wednesday. It’s sure to be an episode filled with stunning scenery, tough decisions, and the excitement of finding a dream home!

Release Date & Time: 10:01 PM Wednesday 14 February 2024 on HGTV

House Hunters Setting Sights on the Smoky Mountains Cast –

Main Cast
Suzanne Whang
Colette Whitaker
Andromeda Dunker

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