House of Villains Season 1 Episode 7 Pride Cometh Before the Fall Airs November 30 2023 on E!

In the upcoming Season 1 Episode 7 of “House of Villains,” titled “Pride Cometh Before the Fall,” scheduled to air at 10:00 PM on Thursday, November 30, 2023, on E!, viewers are in for a dramatic twist as emotions run high within the formidable house of villains.

Infuriated by the outcome of the house vote, Omarosa takes center stage, setting the tone for an episode filled with tension and strategic maneuvering. Jonny Fairplay, the mastermind of the moment, manages to rally the entire house behind his Battle Royale strategy, creating a united front of supervillains with a shared goal.

As the newly minted supervillain, Jonny unveils the most shocking hit list yet, promising an evening of suspense and unexpected alliances. “House of Villains: Pride Cometh Before the Fall” guarantees a rollercoaster ride of power dynamics and calculated moves, providing viewers with a front-row seat to the high-stakes world of villainy on E!.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Thursday 30 November 2023 on E!

House of Villains Pride Cometh Before the Fall Cast – Season 1 Episode 7

Main Cast

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