Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 2: The Paulster Airs November 9 2023 on Channel 4

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 11:30 PM, Channel 4 will air Season 2, Episode 2 of “Hullraisers” titled “The Paulster.” This episode brings more drama to the lives of the characters.

In this episode, Craig’s unexpected proposal leads Toni to seek refuge in Paula’s DIY shop, which causes some annoyance for Paula. Meanwhile, another subplot follows Rana, who is mistaken for a strippergram during a call related to a death. She has to deal with inappropriate “banter” from a fellow officer named Chris.

“Hullraisers” is a series that revolves around the lives of its characters in the city of Hull. It showcases the ups and downs, challenges, and relationships they experience.

Tune in to watch this episode and follow the unfolding events in the lives of Craig, Toni, Paula, Rana, and Chris. “The Paulster” promises more twists and turns in the storylines of these characters, making it a show worth watching for those who enjoy drama and character-driven narratives.

Release Date & Time: 11:30 PM Thursday 9 November 2023 on Channel 4

Hullraisers The Paulster Cast – Season 2 Episode 2

Main Cast
Leah Brotherhead as Toni
Sinead Matthews as Paula
Taj Atwal as Rana
Perry Fitzpatrick as Craig
Natalie Davies as Ashley
Matilda Firth as Grace
Yanick Ghanty as Dane
Shobna Gulati as Nima
Jaylan Batten as Jake
Oliver Turner as Luke
Felicity Montagu as Gloria
Pippa Fulton as Leanne

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