Inside the Factory Season 7 Mints Airs April 28 2024 on Smithsonian

Get ready for an exciting new season of “Inside the Factory” as Season 7 premieres this Sunday at 9:00 PM on Smithsonian Channel. Join hosts Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey as they take viewers on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey into some of Britain’s largest food factories, uncovering the fascinating secrets behind food production.

In the premiere episode titled “Mints,” Gregg and Cherry delve into the world of mint production, exploring the meticulous processes and intricate techniques that go into creating everyone’s favorite breath fresheners. From the harvesting of fresh mint leaves to the precision mixing and molding of the iconic mint shapes, viewers will witness every step of the fascinating journey from farm to factory.

With their trademark enthusiasm and inquisitive nature, Gregg and Cherry provide viewers with unprecedented access to the inner workings of the mint industry, offering insights and revelations that will leave audiences both informed and entertained.

Don’t miss out on the premiere of Season 7 as “Inside the Factory” returns to Smithsonian Channel this Sunday at 9:00 PM for an eye-opening exploration of one of Britain’s most beloved confections.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Sunday 28 April 2024 on Smithsonian

Inside the Factory Mints Cast – Season 7

Main Cast
Cherry Healey
Gregg Wallace
Ruth Goodman

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