Inside The Force: 24/7 Season 3 Episode 6 Airs April 22 2024 on Channel 5

Step into the intense world of law enforcement on “Inside The Force: 24/7,” airing this Monday, April 22nd, at 9:00 PM on Channel 5. In Season 3 Episode 6, viewers will be taken on a gripping journey through the challenges faced by police officers in Middlesbrough, where drug-related deaths are among the highest in Europe.

This episode delves into the harsh realities of policing in a town plagued by drug addiction and its devastating consequences. From dealing with the aftermath of drug overdoses to confronting individuals experiencing psychotic episodes and extreme aggression, the officers featured on the show navigate through some of the most challenging situations on a daily basis.

Through raw and unfiltered footage, “Inside The Force: 24/7” provides an unflinching look at the frontline efforts to maintain law and order in the face of adversity. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the police force, this episode offers a stark reminder of the complexities and dangers inherent in policing.

Don’t miss out on this eye-opening and thought-provoking insight into the realities of policing in Middlesbrough. Tune in to Channel 5 this Monday evening for an unforgettable episode of “Inside The Force: 24/7.”

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Monday 22 April 2024 on Channel 5

Inside The Force: 24/7 Cast – Season 3 Episode 6

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