Interrogation Cam Season 1 Episode 14 Airs December 27 2023 on A&E

Prepare for another heart-pounding episode of “Interrogation Cam” as it returns with Season 1, Episode 14, airing on December 27, 2023, at 10:32 PM on A&E. In this thrilling installment, viewers will be taken inside the interrogation rooms where investigators grapple with three perplexing cases.

First, an incarcerated inmate becomes the center of attention as investigators question him about an unsolved serial killer case from the 1990s. The chilling details and the inmate’s involvement or knowledge of the case will keep you hooked.

Next, a former police sergeant finds himself in the hot seat as he faces intense scrutiny regarding the murder of his mistress. The interrogation room becomes a battleground of secrets and revelations.

In the final case, a woman is suspected of a shocking crime – running someone over with her car. As detectives press her for answers, the truth behind this disturbing incident slowly emerges.

“Interrogation Cam” provides an unprecedented look into the high-stakes world of criminal interrogations. Each case presents a unique challenge for law enforcement, and the emotional and psychological tension in the interrogation room is palpable.

Don’t miss this gripping episode on December 27th at 10:32 PM on A&E, where you’ll witness the relentless pursuit of justice and the unraveling of mysteries through the power of interrogation. It’s a rollercoaster of suspense and revelation that will leave you craving more.

Release Date & Time: 10:32 PM Wednesday 27 December 2023 on A&E

Interrogation Cam Cast – Season 1 Episode 14

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