Jack Hanna’s Passport Season 1 Episode 2 Farms Around the World Airs April 14 2024 on ABC

In the upcoming episode of “Jack Hanna’s Passport,” viewers are in for a thrilling journey as Jack Hanna and his family explore “Farms Around the World.” Set to air on ABC this Sunday at 11:30 AM, the episode promises to be an eye-opening adventure into the diverse landscapes and cultures that play a crucial role in wildlife conservation.

Jack Hanna, renowned for his passion for wildlife and conservation, takes audiences on a captivating tour to discover some of Earth’s most threatened and endangered species. From the lush rice paddies of Southeast Asia to the vast plains of Africa, the Hanna family delves deep into the heart of farming communities where humans and wildlife coexist. Through their interactions and experiences, viewers gain insight into the challenges faced by farmers and conservationists alike in preserving our planet’s biodiversity.

Join Jack Hanna and his family as they embark on this enlightening expedition to learn about the vital conservation and protection efforts underway to save our planet’s most precious inhabitants. Don’t miss “Farms Around the World” on ABC this Sunday at 11:30 AM for an unforgettable journey into the heart of wildlife conservation.

Release Date & Time: 11:30 AM Sunday 14 April 2024 on ABC

Jack Hanna’s Passport Farms Around the World Cast – Season 1 Episode 2

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