Kiff Season 1 Episode 28 Principal Helen; Dial B for Butt Airs January 27 2024 on Disney XD

This Saturday at 8:00 AM on Disney XD, “Kiff” serves up another dose of animated hilarity in Season 1 Episode 28, titled “Principal Helen; Dial B for Butt.” Viewers can expect a double delight as Kiff and Barry spring into action to address two distinct yet equally amusing situations.

In the first half, chaos ensues as Helen, the school principal, steps in for the Principal Secretary. Kiff and Barry find themselves navigating the comedic aftermath of Helen’s unexpected foray into the administrative world.

The second half of the episode takes an unexpected turn when Kiff and her mom receive an ominous butt dial. This quirky twist sets the stage for a series of comedic escapades as Kiff unravels the mystery behind the unintentional call.

With its signature blend of humor and heart, “Kiff” promises an entertaining start to the weekend. Tune in at 8:00 AM this Saturday on Disney XD for the misadventures of Kiff and friends in “Principal Helen; Dial B for Butt.”

Release Date & Time: 8:00 AM Saturday 27 January 2024 on Disney XD

Kiff Principal Helen; Dial B for Butt Cast – Season 1 Episode 28

Main Cast
Kiff Chatterley (voiced by Kimiko Glenn)
Barry Buns (voiced by H. Michael Croner)
Martin Chatterley (voiced by James Monroe Iglehart)
Beryl Chatterley (voiced by Lauren Ash)
Mary Buns (voiced by Rachel House)
Terri Buns (voiced by Nichole Sakura)
Harry Buns (voiced by Josh Johnson)
Miss Deer Teacher (voiced by Deedee Magno Hall)
Pawva (voiced by Katie Crown)
Trollie (voiced by Rhys Darby)
Principal Secretary (voiced by Nic Smal)
Helen (voiced by Lucy Heavens)

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