Kitchen Nightmares Season 1 Episode 4: Da Mimmo Airs October 16 2023 on FOX

On Monday, October 16, 2023, at 8:00 PM, FOX will air Season 1, Episode 4 of “Kitchen Nightmares” titled “Da Mimmo.”

In this episode, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay takes on the challenge of transforming a New Jersey Italian restaurant called Da Mimmo. The show “Kitchen Nightmares” follows Gordon Ramsay as he visits struggling restaurants and works to revitalize them.

At Da Mimmo, viewers can expect to see the restaurant’s problems and challenges laid bare. Gordon Ramsay will use his culinary expertise and no-nonsense approach to address issues with the menu, kitchen operations, and overall restaurant management.

The goal of the episode is to turn Da Mimmo into a thriving and successful dining establishment. Viewers will witness the transformation process, which may involve changes in the restaurant’s décor, menu, and staff.

For those interested in the world of restaurants and culinary makeovers, this episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” promises an insightful and educational experience. Tune in to FOX on Monday evening at 8:00 PM to see how Gordon Ramsay takes on the challenge at Da Mimmo.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Monday 16 October 2023 on FOX

Kitchen Nightmares Da Mimmo Cast – Season 1 Episode 4

Main Cast
Gordon Ramsay

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