Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 25 Episode 10 Combat Fatigue Airs April 18 2024 on NBC

Get ready for an emotionally charged episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” with Season 25’s Episode 10 titled “Combat Fatigue,” airing at 9:00 PM on Thursday, April 18, 2024, exclusively on NBC. In this poignant installment of the long-running series, viewers will be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as the SVU squad grapples with the aftermath of Maddie’s kidnapping case.

With Carisi anxiously awaiting the verdict, tensions run high among the team as they navigate through the trial’s proceedings. Meanwhile, Benson finds herself drawn into the plight of the Flynn family, offering her support as they struggle to piece together their shattered lives in the wake of tragedy.

As the episode unfolds, viewers will be drawn into a gripping narrative that explores themes of resilience, trauma, and the enduring bonds of family. With powerful performances and heart-wrenching moments, “Combat Fatigue” promises to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Don’t miss out on the compelling storytelling and riveting drama of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Tune in at 9:00 PM on Thursday, April 18, 2024, on NBC, and join the SVU squad as they confront the challenges of combatting crime while navigating their own personal battles.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 18 April 2024 on NBC

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Combat Fatigue Cast – Season 25 Episode 10

Mariska Hargitay as Capt. Olivia Benson
Ice-T as Sgt. Odafin Tutuola
Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins
Peter Scanavino as ADA Sonny Carisi
Octavio Pisano as Detective Joe Velasco
Kevin Kane as Detective Terry Bruno
Aime Donna Kelly as Captain Renee Curry
Jordana Spiro as FBI Special Agent Shannah Sykes
Ami Brabson as Judge Karyn Blake
Stephen Bradbury as Judge Colin McNamara
Brian Cade as Counselor Harris Malone
Tricia Paoluccio as Doctor Heather Lentz
Allison Elaine as Maddie Flynn
Leslie Fray as Eileen Flynn
Zack Robidas as Peter Flynn
Patrick Carroll as George Brouchard
Leilany Celeste as Tanya Garcia
Oliver Solomon as Mack Most
Thomas Philip O'Neill as Rick Donnelly
Sibila Vargas as Stand-Up Reporter
Phoebe Lloyd as Slater Dent
Carol Schultz as Leona Gallow
Diogo De Oliveira as Andrew Boyce
Joyia D. Bradley as Jury Forewoman
Main Cast
Mariska Hargitay as Lieutenant/Captain Olivia Benson
Kelli Giddish as Detective 2nd Grade Amanda Rollins
Ice-T as Sergeant Odafin "Fin" Tutuola
Peter Scanavino as ADA Dominick "Sonny" Carisi, Jr.
Jamie Gray Hyder as Officer Katriona "Kat" Tamin

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