Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 25 Episode 5 Zone Rouge Airs February 22 2024 on NBC

Get ready for a riveting episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Season 25, Episode 5 titled “Zone Rouge,” airing on NBC at 9:00 PM on Thursday, February 22, 2024. In this intense installment, viewers will be drawn into a complex web of mystery and intrigue as SVU embarks on a new track to find Maddie.

A cryptic message sets SVU on a relentless pursuit to locate Maddie, leading the team down a path filled with twists and turns. As the investigation unfolds, Benson finds herself personally invested when the case hits too close to home, prompting her to lend a helping hand to a federal agent in need.

Meanwhile, Capt. Curry makes efforts to mend fences with Fin, adding an emotional layer to the already tense atmosphere. With tensions running high and the clock ticking, SVU races against time to uncover the truth and bring justice to those in need.

Don’t miss the heart-pounding action and suspense in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Zone Rouge,” airing on NBC at 9:00 PM on Thursday, February 22, 2024. It’s an episode that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Thursday 22 February 2024 on NBC

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Zone Rouge Cast – Season 25 Episode 5

Main Cast

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