Lawmen: Bass Reeves: Inside the Series : Airs November 4 2023 on Paramount

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, at 9:00 AM, Paramount will air a special program titled “Lawmen: Bass Reeves: Inside the Series.” This show takes viewers behind the scenes of the series “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” which is available on Paramount+ and stars David Oyelowo.

The program offers an exclusive look into the making of the series, providing insights into the production process and the work that goes into bringing historical stories to life. It’s like a sneak peek into the world of filmmaking.

If you’re a fan of the series or interested in the art of storytelling through television, this behind-the-scenes feature is a must-see. It’s like a backstage pass to the world of entertainment.

Tune in on November 4 at 9:00 AM to watch “Lawmen: Bass Reeves: Inside the Series” on Paramount. It’s an opportunity to explore how TV series are created and the effort that goes into portraying historical figures on screen.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 AM Saturday 4 November 2023 on Paramount

Lawmen: Bass Reeves: Inside the Series Cast –

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