Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 Episode 1 Part I Airs November 26 2023 on CMTV

This Sunday at 10:30 PM on CMTV, history enthusiasts and Western fans can saddle up for the premiere of “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” with Season 1 Episode 1, titled “Part I.” The episode kicks off with a riveting narrative as Bass Reeves, portrayed as a legendary lawman, rides into the heart of turmoil.

As the story unfolds, viewers witness the tumultuous encounter between Bass and Esau, a character who leaves a violent impression on the seasoned lawman. The plot thickens as Bass finds himself chained but determined, navigating a perilous escape that demands a hard sacrifice.

For those intrigued by tales of the Wild West and the untamed frontier, “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” promises a captivating journey into the life and challenges faced by one of the West’s most remarkable lawmen. Tune in at 10:30 PM for a CMTV premiere that brings the spirit of the Old West to life in “Part I” of this gripping historical series.

Release Date & Time: 10:30 PM Sunday 26 November 2023 on CMTV

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Part I Cast – Season 1 Episode 1

Main Cast
David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves
Lauren E. Banks as Jennie Reeves
Demi Singleton as Sally Reeves
Forrest Goodluck as Billy Crow
Barry Pepper as Esau Pierce
Dennis Quaid as Sherrill Lynn
Grantham Coleman as Edwin Jones
Donald Sutherland as Isaac Parker

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