Legends of the Fork Season 1 Episode 13 Legendary Women Airs December 17 2023 on A&E

This Sunday at 12:00 PM on A&E, “Legends of the Fork” serves up a delectable Season 1 finale with Episode 13 titled “Legendary Women.” Join Buddy as he embarks on a culinary journey to pay homage to two iconic ladies who have left an indelible mark on the food world. First stop, Harlem, New York, where Buddy delves into the soulful world of Sylvia’s, the renowned restaurant of the Queen of Soul Food. Viewers are in for a treat as Buddy explores the rich history and mouth-watering dishes that have made Sylvia’s a legendary culinary institution.

But the feast doesn’t end there. The episode takes a turn to the West Coast, as Buddy makes his way to Los Angeles to visit Porto’s bakery. Betty Porto, the owner, shares the secrets behind their authentic Cuban treats, offering a taste of the cultural melting pot that defines their delicious offerings. “Legendary Women” promises a perfect blend of storytelling, culture, and, of course, tantalizing flavors. Don’t miss the Season 1 finale of “Legends of the Fork” as Buddy celebrates the culinary contributions of these two extraordinary women.

Release Date & Time: 12:00 PM Sunday 17 December 2023 on A&E

Legends of the Fork Legendary Women Cast – Season 1 Episode 13

Main Cast
Buddy Valastro

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