LEGO Masters Season 4 Episode 6: Is It Brick? Airs November 2 2023 on FOX

In the upcoming episode of “LEGO Masters,” Season 4, titled “Is It Brick?” set to air on Thursday, November 2, 2023, at 9:01 PM on FOX, the builders will face a unique challenge.

In this episode, the builders will find themselves in a detective’s office, and their mission is to choose an item to replicate into a one-to-one scale LEGO model. This task requires precision and attention to detail as they strive to recreate everyday objects using LEGO bricks.

Adding an exciting twist to the competition, Stacey Roy, the winner of “LEGO Masters” Season 3, steps into the role of a detective. Stacey’s challenge is to spot which of the items created by the builders are real objects and which are LEGO replicas. Her sharp eye and knowledge of LEGO craftsmanship will be put to the test as she plays detective in this creative and playful showdown.

Don’t miss this thrilling and imaginative episode of “LEGO Masters” as builders push the boundaries of what can be achieved with LEGO bricks.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Thursday 2 November 2023 on FOX

LEGO Masters Is It Brick? Cast – Season 4 Episode 6

Main Cast
Will Arnett (Host)
Jamie Berard (Judge)
Amy Corbett (Judge)

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