Life Below Zero: Next Generation Season 6 Let It Snow: Fire and Ice Airs December 25 2023 on National Geographic

This Christmas evening on National Geographic, audiences are in for a chilly treat with Season 6 of “Life Below Zero: Next Generation,” featuring the special episode “Let It Snow: Fire and Ice” at 6:00 PM. With bonus holiday content, the show captures the essence of Alaskan resilience as its residents hustle to brace themselves for a brutal winter.

In this seasonal installment, viewers witness the extraordinary efforts undertaken by Alaskans to prepare for the challenges of a harsh winter, emphasizing the fire within them to withstand the icy conditions. The bonus holiday content adds a festive touch, showcasing the unique ways in which these individuals celebrate and navigate through the frozen landscape.

Tune in on December 25, 2023, for a Christmas evening filled with snow, ice, and the indomitable spirit of those living “Life Below Zero: Next Generation.” It’s a gripping portrayal of survival against the elements, offering a unique perspective into the lives of those who call the unforgiving Arctic wilderness their home.

Release Date & Time: 6:00 PM Monday 25 December 2023 on National Geographic

Life Below Zero: Next Generation Let It Snow: Fire and Ice Cast – Season 6

Main Cast
Jessi Morse
Michael Manzo
Kaleb Rowland
Johnny Rolfe
Brittany Rowland
Chris Morse
Mocean Melvin
Gilbert Rowland

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